Psychiatry Independent Medical Examiners in Tennessee

Welcome to the SEAK National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners. The Psychiatry Independent Medical Examiners found here provide independent medical exams (IMEs), medical evaluations, impartial examinations, independent medical assessments, vocational assessments, functional capacity evaluations, impairment ratings, second opinions, return to work evaluations, or fitness for duty exams to evaluate the extent of disability, permanent impairment or injuries.

Faith A. Aimua, MD

Johnson City, Tennessee
Psychiatry - I am actively engaged in the practice of General Psychiatry managing various psychiatric disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Post traumatic Stress, Bipolar disorder, Agoraphobia. My years of practicing clinical psychiatry in various settings such inpatient, outpatient, Tele-Health, academic and community mental Health Center affords me the the unique skills to be able to evaluate and perform a thorough and unbiased IMEs, Disability assessment or Worker's Compensation evaluation.
Board certified by The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Keith A. Caruso, MD Keith A. Caruso, MD

Brentwood, Tennessee
Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry - Assessment of psychiatric disorders and resulting disability in adults for civil and criminal courts.
I am fellowship trained and board certified in Forensic Psychiatry. I previously served as chief of forensic psychiatry at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD while concurrently serving as chief of inpatient psychiatry at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I currently serve as secretary of the Tennessee Psychiatric Association and previously served as president of the Society of Uniformed Services Psychiatrists. I have consulted with disability insurers and performed IME's for Worker's Compensation cases as well. I am licensed in Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi and am willing to travel to perform IME's.
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