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SEAK’s Directory of Independent Medical Examiners is the professional, cost-effective, and risk free way to promote your availability for additional IMEs 24 x 7.  Our team of attorneys and business professionals are working for you, promoting the Directory to referral sources.  


 The average fee paid for an IME is over $2,800 per exam, examining litigants in personal injury and workers' compensation cases.

 Supplement or replace your clinical income and diversify your clinical practice.

 The SEAK IME Directory was founded in 1998. We are the go-to resource for insurance companies, law firms and IME companies looking for IME providers. 

 Your profile is added to our online IME Directory immediately after registering.

 100% Money Back Guarantee for first time members.

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We invite you to join the hundreds of your colleagues who are already listed in the Directory.

SEAK Member Benefits:

100% Money-Back Guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the number and quality of IME referrals you receive that we offer an unprecedented 100% Money-Back Guarantee for new members.  Members who are placing their first listing, and are unsatisfied with their listing for any reason at all, have until January 1, 2026 to cancel their listing and request a full refund of their Standard Listing fee.

A Full Page Listing on our IME Website

Our website includes an interactive listing where you can post your picture, CV and copies of your publications. Our SEAK IME website contains your contact information and is full optimized for the Search Engines. Your profile is posted on our website immediately after registering.

A Detailed Listing in our IME Print Directory

The Directory is mailed directly to thousands of IME referral sources including: Insurance Companies, IME Companies, Claims Managers, Adjusters, Case Managers, Self-Insureds, Large Employers, Third Party Administrators, Attorneys, and Legal Nurse Consultants. Click here to view the printed IME Directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who uses your IME Directory?
A.  SEAK’s IME Directory was founded in 1998 and is used by Insurance Companies, IME Companies, Claims Managers, Adjusters, Case Managers, Self-Insureds, Large Employers, Third Party Administrators, Attorneys and Legal Nurse Consultants nationwide to locate IME providers.

Q. How Much Money Can I Earn Doing IMEs?
A. Providers performing high quality IMEs can earn $100,000 or more per year. Average fees per exam and report are more than $2,100.and can go up to $10,000 or more for highly complex IMEs. Providers performing IMEs earn additional income when they are called upon to testify at deposition or hearing concerning their IME.

Q.  Why should I join your IME Directory?
A.  Performing IMEs is a proven way to both supplement your income and diversify your practice. 
Successful independent medical examiners are able to generate $100,000+ per year by devoting just one day a week to IMEs. 
If you are looking to expand/increase your IME business, joining the SEAK IME Directory is the quick and easy way to get your information in-front of the IME referral sources who are using our Directory. Your listing includes both an online listing and a listing in our print Directory, and is also backed by our money back guarantee for first time members.

Q. Do IMEs lead to other opportunities as well?
A.  Yes.  IME providers are often asked to perform straight record reviews.  In addition, IMEs frequently result in opportunities for providers to testify as an expert witness.  Expert witnessing is highly lucrative and fees are generally $500+ per hour.

Q.  Can I perform IMEs after I am retired from clinical practice?
A.  In many instances, yes. 

Q. How many IMEs can I expect to receive from your Directory?
A. That will depend on many factors, including; your specialty, your location, your availability, how easy you are to work with and the quality of your work product. The only way to know how successful it will be for you is to join and try it out.

Q. How much does a listing in the SEAK IME Directory cost?
A. The Standard Listing is $545, which includes a detailed listing on our website and in the printed Directory.

Q. When will my profile get added to your Directory?
A. Your detailed profile will be posted to our online directory as soon as you join.

Q.  How do I join the SEAK IME Directory?
A.  You can join online here


Here's what some of your colleagues have to say

“The only problem with your IME Directory, is that it sent me too much work!”

"I receive approximately 12 referrals per year through your directory."

"I'm happy to tell you that my IME practice is definitely picking up.  My listing with SEAK is the reason."

"I've been in your catalogue for a little over a year for IMEs and Record Reviews and the few vendors I work with are wonderful.  Furthermore, I just got a referral for an IME from a new vendor and they found me through SEAK.  Thank you very much for all that you do for my colleagues and I."

"My most important source of new contacts for IMEs during the past year."

"This Directory should be used by all physicians interested in performing IMEs."

"The cost was, as you promised, offset very quickly. Add me to your list of satisfied clients."

"The Directory has increased the number of referrals received."

"A valuable source of IME referrals."

"The Directory has increased the number of IMEs, especially for out  of town referral organizations."

"Provides me with at least two new referral sources each year."

"The Directory was worked very well for my clinic and staff."

"Has opened the door to new referral sources for my forensic practice."

"A great source of referrals."

"Resulted in a marked increase in my IME work."

"Professional, helpful and productive."

"I receive frequent calls from sources who otherwise would not know of my interest in providing IME services."

“Based on the SEAK IME Directory I have established relationships with 3 companies to do case review on an ongoing basis - the total number of cases per year is perhaps 250.  Another company has contracted with me for a fairly substantial writing/education project.  Four major contracts like this in a year with recurring business from each, amounts to a very substantial amount of business - just about on the verge of what I can handle as a solo practitioner in addition to my clinical practice.”

"The SEAK directory proved to be one of our better sources of new leads this past year.  Probably our best advertising source other than our own website."

"The SEAK Directory is my main source of new buinsess. Thank you."

"The SEAK IME Directory is Great!! They are finding me. It is stretching me to the next level."

"From your SEAK Directory, I get about 7 to 8 inquiries a year, and about 2-3 cases."

"I get 5 to 10 hits every year from the SEAK Directory.  It's the best listing for me."

"I am the Office Manager for Doctor [X] who currently has a listing in the SEAK National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners, which has resulted in quite a few new contacts and has helped supplement his IME practice."


Here's what some of our referral sources have to say:

"I work in the IME Department of [company] , and believe me, we are always looking for new doctors. Your directory really helps a lot. Could I please have four copies of the Directory of Independent Medical Examiners and three copies of the Directory of Medical File Review Consultants. We appreciate all the work that goes into publishing these directories and we use them all the time in our work."
> National Case Management Firm

"We are using multiple copies of the SEAK IME Directory. They are indeed very helpful to our nursing staff. We are a group of nurses who review workers' comp claims for [company]. As you can imagine, we refer many employee's claims to IMEs. These directories are quite helpful in locating physicians to complete the reviews. Thank you so much for providing the IME Directories to us. They are very beneficial."
> Fortune 500 Employer

"I will let my co-workers at [company] know about this great resource! We schedule many IME's and your book contains many great Dr's that I was not aware of. Thanks Again!"
> State Insurance Company

"I have been utilizing several IME physicians within your directory. We use them for our claimants on total disability throughout the country."
> Disability Management Company

“Please send a copy of the SEAK IME Directory. I schedule multiple IME's across the US and finding physicians is very time consuming, as I have to go through the process of contacting company co-workers in specific areas who they recommend.  By having your directory, I can save days of waiting to hear back before having the opportunity to start my work. I have already forwarded your information to my Branch Manager.  I'm sure you'll be hearing from others at my branch.  Again, thank you very much.  I know this directory will be my second Bible”
> National Third Party Administrator

"I just received a copy of the SEAK Directory of Independent Medical Examiners.  I will get a lot of use from this!  I wanted to see if I could also get a copy of the National Directory of Experts as my caseload is over 200 and I am always trying to track down experts.  I work as a claims analyst for a third party administrator and my main client is a group of 33 community hospitals and their physicians.  THANKS!"
> National Third Party Administrator

"I wanted to let you know that I have already used your IME Directory and love it!  I told the doctors that I received their names from SEAK and praised the fact that you were so helpful with my questions.  Because our requests for medical reviews are always increasing, the SEAK network will be used a lot"
> National Peer Review/IME Company

"I would like to request 5 copies of the SEAK IME Directory and I will provide one to my Executive level leadership so that they can offer it to the other supervisors across the US."
> Fortune 500 Insurance Company

"I reference the directory many, many times on a weekly basis for IME or Peer Review referrals received from our clients. I’ve forwarded your SEAK IME Directory to approximately 20 team members located all over the U.S.  They handle a high volume of IME referrals.  It's great to know they’ve contacted you."
> National Third Party Administrator

"I work for the [State], in Disability Management.  I am interested in receiving your National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners."
> [State] Employee Health Management

"Please send us 5 copies to my attention. I’ll distribute them to our various sections where they will be of use."
> Workers Comp Claims Management Firm

"This is a wonderful resource! Thank you very much for the information.  I will forward your email to my colleagues and have them contact you."
> Fortune 500 Insurance Company

“I am a Medical Case Manager/Rehabilitation Counselor and recently found the SEAK IME Directory online and contacted a listed Orthopaedic member, for an IME in Asheville, NC. It regarded a Claimant in a workers' comp claim which originated in Pennsylvania. The Claimant subsequently relocated to North Carolina, necessitating finding an Orthopaedist out of state for an IME. Hence, the usefulness of the Directory.
> Case Manager

"We are an IME company and have always looked on line at SEAK for IME doctors when I need one out of state."
> IME Company


SEAK reserves the absolute right to refuse to accept or to remove any existing listings. Your sole remedy in such instances will be the refund of your applicable listing fee(s).