Neuropsychology Independent Medical Examiners in Massachusetts

Welcome to the SEAK National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners. The Neuropsychology Independent Medical Examiners found here provide independent medical exams (IMEs), medical evaluations, impartial examinations, independent medical assessments, vocational assessments, functional capacity evaluations, impairment ratings, second opinions, return to work evaluations, or fitness for duty exams to evaluate the extent of disability, permanent impairment or injuries.

Fredrick Kadushin, PhD, ABN

Springfield, Massachusetts
Neuropsychology - neurocognitive, neuropsychology, personal injury, fitness for duty evaluations, return to work, disability evaluations, TBI, traumatic brain injury, mTBI, mild traumatic brain injury, concussion, post-concussion syndrome, IMEs, Brain Injury Medicine, PTSD, post-traumatic stress, MVA
Dr. Kadushin is board-certified neuropsychologist and Fellow of the National Academy of Neuropsychology, with over 40 years of clinical and forensic experience. He directed a multidisciplinary rehabilitation center for 12 years. He has diagnosed and treated a wide range of neurocognitive, neurological and psychiatric disorders including traumatic brain injuries, concussions, post-concussion syndrome, toxic exposures, chronic fatigue syndrome, cerebrovascular accidents (stroke), malingering, somatoform disorders, dementia, pseudodementia and pseudoseizures, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He has considerable forensic experience working as a consultant and/or independent medical evaluator on disability, personal injury, fitness for duty, workers compensation, and competency cases. For over 16 years, he has worked as an Expert Consultant to Insurance Companies/TPAs providing guidance, analysis, and assessment in the evaluation of group and individual disability claims invo...

David D Nowell, Ph.D. Nowell Neuropsychological Services, Inc.

Worcester, Massachusetts
Neuropsychology, Psychology - Peforming validated neuropsychological assessment of complaints associated with behavioral health disorders, dementia, traumatic brain injury (including mild TBI), and ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Adjunct professor at Clark University. Physician Advisor with University of Massachusetts Medical School Disability Evaluation Services. Consultant to an acute rehabilitation hospital. Providing continuing education workshops across the US and Australia.
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