Psychology Independent Medical Examiners in Wisconsin

Welcome to the SEAK National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners. The Psychology Independent Medical Examiners found here provide independent medical exams (IMEs), medical evaluations, impartial examinations, independent medical assessments, vocational assessments, functional capacity evaluations, impairment ratings, second opinions, return to work evaluations, or fitness for duty exams to evaluate the extent of disability, permanent impairment or injuries.

Eric R. Larson, PhD Advanced Assessment

Milwaukee , Wisconsin
Neuropsychology, Psychology - Assessment of psychological and neuropsychological conditions including traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), stroke, dementia, ADHD, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, frontotemporal dementia, disorders of executive functioning, aphasia, depression, and personality disorders. Symptom validity and performance validity measured during all evaluations.
I am a board-certified neuropsychologist with extensive experience conducting adult neuropsychological and psychological evaluations in various contexts. As a faculty member at the Medical College of Wisconsin, adjunct faculty at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, and a neuropsychologist at the Milwaukee VA, I regularly teach graduate students and residents how to diagnose and treat patients with psychological and neuropsychological conditions including traumatic brain injuries, memory and cognitive disorders, and psychological conditions such as PTSD and depression. I have conducted hundreds of compensation and pension evaluations for the federal government and have testified as an expert witness both at depositions and at trial. I provide adult (age 18+) IME, consultation, and expert witness services to plaintiff and defense attorneys.
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