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Welcome to the SEAK National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners. The Preventive Medicine Independent Medical Examiners found here provide independent medical exams (IMEs), medical evaluations, impartial examinations, independent medical assessments, vocational assessments, functional capacity evaluations, impairment ratings, second opinions, return to work evaluations, or fitness for duty exams to evaluate the extent of disability, permanent impairment or injuries.

Dieter W Affeln

Watertown, Massachusetts
Occupational Medicine Independent Medical Exams, Preventive Medicine Independent Medical Exams - Services: IME, return to work, work capacity, MMI (max. med. improvement) and fitness for duty exams; disability, public employee, veteran evaluations, vocational assessments; workers comp, work health and wellness consulting; _exposures to environmental agents, i.e. virus, bacteria, fungi, mold, noise, (office) ergonomics, blood born pathogens, indoor air, chemicals, unknown substances etc ___Settings: arbitration, litigation, deposition, expert opinion
Boston, MA full time clinician with 20 yrs occupational medicine experience __Medial Director of occupational health depts. in manufacturing, chemical/biochemical R&D and production, public safety, research, hospitals __International clinical experience in different health care settings and systems Medical officer for International School and General Consulate Language skills: German, Portuguese; basic Spanish communication skills
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Massachusetts, California, New York, Tennessee, and Ohio
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