Acupuncture Independent Medical Examiners

Welcome to the SEAK National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners. The Acupuncture Independent Medical Examiners found here provide independent medical exams (IMEs), medical evaluations, impartial examinations, independent medical assessments, vocational assessments, functional capacity evaluations, impairment ratings, second opinions, return to work evaluations, or fitness for duty exams to evaluate the extent of disability, permanent impairment or injuries.

Steven P Brown, DC, CICE, Dipl Med Ac BCA Professional Services, LLC

Gilbert, Arizona
Chiropractic, Acupuncture - Medical necessity. Practice Guidelines. Chiropractic post-manipulative stroke cases. Improper billing. Standard of Care for the Chiropractic Profession. Compliance with licensing laws.
6 years experience as an expert for the Plaintiff or Defense in Chiropractic malpractice cases. Emphasizing cases of post-manipulative stroke. 4 depositions and 1 court testimony as a Chiropractic expert witness.

Lorne S Label, MD, MBA California Neurological Specialists, Inc.

Thousand Oaks, California
Neurology, Acupuncture - Adult and Pediatric Neurology, special interest in head trauma, dementia, headaches, ADHD, nerve & muscle diseases

Jeff S. Nabonsal, MD JSN Anesthesia PLLC

Edwards , Colorado
Anesthesiology, Acupuncture - Board Certified 1995, Record Review, Peer Review . Expert Witness - Anesthesiology, General Medical Knowledge, General Basic Science Knowledge, Medical Acupuncturist
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