Divya  Sareen, MD Independent Medical Examiner

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  • Company: HealthAdvise
  • Phone: 601-325-5681

Specialty 1: Infectious Diseases

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

License(s): NJ

Years in Practice: 20

Additional Information

Divya Sareen, MD, is board certified in Infectious Diseases and has over 16+ years of extensive private practice, Dr Sareen works at 8 other private hospitals where she provides expert consultation service for a myriad of infectious diseases, advises hospitals and skilled nursing facilities on infection control. She also plays a key role in antimicrobial stewardship at these facilities. She sits on Pharmacy and Therapeutics committees to weigh in on hospital formularies and appropriate utilization of practice guidelines. She plays a dynamic role bridging acute inpatient infectious presentations with outpatient wound care and Hyperbaric medicine at the local community hospitals. Divya Sareen, MD provides expert opinion on , sepsis, necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria), osteomyelitis (bone infections), COVID-19, other viral infections, outbreak prevention and management, cellulitis (infection of the skin or soft tissue), surgical site infections (surgery related infections), orthopedic infections, hospital-acquired infections, travel-related infections, antimicrobial stewardship, water borne infections, endocarditis (heart valve infections), bacterial infections, fungal infections, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and telemedicine. She provides astute insight and guidance to local orthopedic and podiatric physicians in management of critical bone and joint infections and works collaboratively with hospitalists to provide excellent medical care to patients.