James   Milani, DO Independent Medical Examiner

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  • Company: HealthAdvise
  • Phone: 601-325-5681

Specialty 1: Occupational Medicine

Medical School: University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Services

License(s): FL, IA

Years in Practice: 30

Additional Information

Dr. James W. Milani is Board Certified in Family Medicine since 1994. For the first 14 years of practice, he provided the full spectrum of Family Medicine, outpatient and inpatient – excluding OB. In 2007, he ventured into a Work Comp/Occupational Medicine Health Clinic with his local hospital system. In the transition from Family Medicine to Work Comp/Occupational Medicine – he has become certified in/as: Independent Medical Examiner, Medical Review Officer, Professional Supervisor/Audiometric, Medical Examiner for FMCSA. He has performed numerous chart reviews, and IME’s over the years – mostly dealing with Work Comp.