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Other Locations: spartanburg

Specialty 1: Toxicology - Medical Toxicology

Specialty 2: Occupational Medicine

Keywords/Search Terms: Expertise in low grade occupational and environmental toxin exposures, attribution assessment, epidemiologic literature review, and ratings in workers comp/long term disability cases. I have done over 200 work attribution assessments on cancers where there was a concern about occupational aggravation.

Medical School: University of NOrth Carolina

License(s): SC, NC

Years in Practice: 32

  • 25 years performing IMEs
  • 500-100 IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 25 times

IME Training: Occupational Medicine fellowship training. 2 yr fellowship.

Additional Information

Board Certified in both Medical Toxicology and Occupational Medicine. South Carolina's first Medical Toxicologist. 25 years of disability exams for the state with over 5000 exams done I have worked/given testimony in both state and federal court. Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology Interest in occupational contributors to: asthma, COPD, cancer, and Neurological disorders.