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  • Company: Pacific Heart & Vascular
  • Phone: (714) 984-0548

Other Locations: Orange

Specialty 1: Cardiology - Cardiovascular Disease

Keywords/Search Terms: Dr. Krishnan is a recognized expert in the specialized field of IME and disability claim evaluations. With a profound medical background and honed skills, he is highly regarded for providing precise and timely reports pivotal to determining claimants' eligibility for disability benefits. His collaborations with insurance companies and law firms underscore his reputation for delivering objective, trustworthy evaluations in a timely manner.

Medical School: University of Missouri - Kansas City (Combine BA/MD Program)

License(s): California

Years in Practice: 14

  • 6 years performing IMEs
  • 45 IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 12 times

IME Training: Independent coaching on IME training