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Specialty 1: Otolaryngology

Keywords/Search Terms: Gener Practice with specific focuses on hearing loss, sleep medicine and sinus surgery. Dr. Clark has extensive experience with balloon sinus surgery, balloon eustachian tube dilation, sleep apnea surgery including the hypoglossal nerve stimulator device (Inspire). Has evaluated many patients regarding hearing loss and tinnitus related to workman's comp.

Medical School: University of Louisville School of Medicine

License(s): Florida

Years in Practice: 18

  • 1 years performing IMEs
  • 1 IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 20+ times

IME Training: SEAK

Additional Information

Dr. Clark has extensive experience with implantable hearing devices including Cochlear Implants and BAHAs. He has severed as a Cochlear Implant subject matter expert for a large purchasing group. He has also been involved in clinical trials for balloon sinus and eustachian tube dilation.