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  • Company: Pulmonary Physicians of South Florida
  • Phone: (954) 341-1007
  • Fax: 954-341-1009

Other Locations: CORAL SPRINGS

Specialty 1: Pulmonary Medicine - Disease

Keywords/Search Terms: Pulmonary medicine, with 30+ yrs experience in asthma/COPD/reactive airways diseases, mold/chemical exposures, post Covid lung damage/disease, Lung nodules, smoking induced lung damage/disease, Occupational exposure induced lung diseases.

Medical School: McGill University, Montreal Canada

License(s): FL

Years in Practice: 30

  • 15 years performing IMEs
  • 50 IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 20 times

IME Training: SEAK

Additional Information

Extensive experience the last 2+ yrs with mold exposure + subsequent pulmonary issues, as well as post Covid lung disease, having seen > 50 pts in each category since 1/22