David L Moulton, MD, MBA Independent Medical Examiner
Curriculum Vitae

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  • Company: Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Utah
  • Phone: 435-252-3553

Specialty 1: Psychiatry

Specialty 2: Forensic Psychiatry

Specialty Focus: Occupational Psychiatry areas of focus include fitness for duty evaluations, disability evaluations, overseas screening, correction of military records, VA-claims, medical logistics, and transgender integration.

Medical School: Uniformed Services University

License(s): Utah, Nevada

Years in Practice: 20+

  • 20+ years performing IMEs
  • 500+ IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 20+ times

Additional Information

A premier psychiatric consultant, Dr. Moulton is sought after for the most complex and high-profile medico-legal cases. He is a recognized international expert in PTSD, Schizophrenia, and Gender Dysphoria, among other clinically relevant psychiatric states. He is frequently called upon to offer rebuttal and appellate testimony. A decorated Naval Officer, CAPT Moulton has 25 years of military service, including two combat deployments. He is a recognized expert in institutional liability, occupational disability, disability without impairment, and fitness for duty. He has experience working at the Board for Corrections of Naval Records, offering expert opinions on appellate cases. In addition to his military leadership, he has broad governance experience in medical regulation. Currently, he serves as the Chair of the Physicians' Licensing Board for the State of Utah, overseeing physician impairment, probation, and rehabilitation. He is an award-winning teacher and trainer with over a decade of experience educating medical students, residents, and fellows. He is a member of the Academy of Organizational and Occupational Psychiatry. Dr. Moulton is sought after not only for his expertise but also for his reputation of integrity. As one example, in an appellate homicide case involving multiple psychiatric experts, the Supreme Court of Utah found that “Dr. Moulton‘s testimony was the most credible regarding the effects of Effexor on a person with Bipolar Disorder because of his training, education, experience, and the way he testified at the evidentiary hearing.”