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  • Company: First Choice Medical Center
  • Phone: 407-960-5006
  • Cell: 407-463-9499
  • Fax: 407-960-5007

Specialty 1: Family Medicine

Keywords/Search Terms: Soft tissue injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, impairment evaluations, MMI, Work/ Motor vehicle accidents, 4th, 5th, and 6th editions of AMA Guides, and PEER medical file reviews. Medico-legal experience in multiple areas including trauma, Workers Compensation, medical professional liability, medical evaluations in divorce cases, slip & fall, and MVA.

Medical School: University of Florida

License(s): FL

Years in Practice: 40+

  • 30+ years performing IMEs
  • 2000+ IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 100+ times

IME Training: ACOEM