David P. Kalin, MD, MPH Independent Medical Examiner
Curriculum Vitae

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  • Company: The Healthplace Center for Disability & Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Phone: 813 966 1431
  • Cell: 813 966 1431
  • Fax: 813 925 1932
  • Website: www.drkalin.com

Specialty 1: Family Medicine

Specialty 2: Disability Evaluations

Medical School: University of Illinois School of Medicine

License(s): FL

Years in Practice: 40+

  • 20+ years performing IMEs
  • 1000+ IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 100+ times

IME Certification: CIME

IME Training: ABIME

Additional Information

Since 1992, with the establishment of THE HEALTHPLACE CENTER for Disability and Independent Evaluation those suffering from Medical/Legal confusion have been offered comprehensive medical evaluation with effective translation of medical problems for the swift resolution of legal, governmental and insurance issues dealing with long-term disability/life care planning, personal injury, medical malpractice, environmental exposure, Workers’ Compensation, PIP Social Security and Emergency Medical Condition. Masters in the Science of Public Health Fellow American Academy of Family Physicians Certified Independent Medical Examiner LlCENSE: Florida ME003624 North Carolina 58382 NPI 1821091406 DR. KALIN specializes in complex case apportionment, assists in blocking cases for anticipated litigation, evaluates for future medical expenses and is available for consultation. DR. KALIN also works as the Medical Director of injury/accident clinics in Florida where he evaluates and treats patients with medical legal issues. Fellow American Academy of Family Physicians Certified in Family Practice, Board of Certification in Family Practice an affiliate of the American Association of Physician Specialists Fellow American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians Certified Independent Medical Examiner American Board of Independent Medical Examiners Board Qualified, American Board of Emergency Medicine Pinellas County Medical Society Florida Medical Association Consultation: Complex Case Apportionment, Assistance in Blocking Cases for Anticipated Litigation, Evaluation of Future Medical Expenses. Professional Medical Specialization: Family Practice, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Emergency Occupational Environmental Medicine. 1000’s of Comprehensive Medical Evaluations and Reviews. 100’s of Depositions/Trial testimony.