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Specialty 1: Neurology

Specialty 2: Brain Injury Medicine

Specialty Focus: Primary focus on adult neurology, Trained/experienced in neurophysiology - nerve/muscle disease, sleep medicine, neurologic rehabilitation. Background biomedical engineering. Expertise in head injury, cognition, memory and behavior, neurology-psychiatry overlap. Prior co-director inpatient rehabilitation unit. Currently directing clinic for vehicle accident/work injury - head, neck, back injuries, sleep, vestibular, peripheral nerve/root dysfunction, pain syndromes, PTSD/anxiety/depression.

Medical School: Medical College of Virginia/VA Commonwealth University

License(s): Georgia and Florida

Years in Practice: 30

  • 2 years performing IMEs
  • 50 IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 20 times

IME Training: SEAK

Additional Information

Residency/fellowship at Case Western Reserve University.