Robert Scott Johnson, MD, JD, LLM Independent Medical Examiner
Curriculum Vitae

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Specialty 1: Forensic Psychiatry

Specialty 2: Psychiatry

Specialty Focus: IMEs, testamentary capacity, fitness for duty, capacity to refuse treatment, medical malpractice, suicide, negligence, psychiatrist malpractice, PTSD, emotional distress, psychiatric disability, emotional harm, wrongful termination, stalking, malingering, threat assessment, security clearance

Medical School: UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School

License(s): CA, TX, MA

Years in Practice: 7

  • 3 years performing IMEs
  • 200 IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 10 times

IME Training: SEAK and Harvard/Mass Gen'l 1-year forensic psychiatry fellowship

Additional Information

Dr. Scott Johnson, MD, JD, LLM is a board certified psychiatrist, who completed forensic psychiatry training at Harvard/Mass General and general psychiatry training at Baylor. He is licensed in CA, TX and MA, and has been practicing since 2011. He has 20 peer-reviewed publications, 2 book chapters, 12 psychiatric awards, 6 of which are national awards. He accepts civil forensic and corporate/university threat assessment cases nationally, focusing on the following areas: Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) Civil Capacities: Testamentary Capacity (Ability to Make a Legally-Enforceable Will) Capacity to Consent to (or Refuse) Treatment Matrimonial Capacity (Ability to Form a Legally-Enforceable Marriage) Medical Malpractice: Psychiatrist Malpractice/Standard of Care (Following Harm to a Patient) Negligence Lawsuits/Psychic Harm Evaluations (e.g. PTSD or Depression) Appropriateness of Civil Commitment Boundary Violations Employer/Employee litigation: Emotional Distress Resulting from Employment Disputes Wrongful Termination/Retaliation Discrimination/Harassment Fitness for Duty Evaluations (i.e. for licensed professionals such as pilots, dentists, physicians, nurses, attorneys) Stalking Evaluations Malingering Assessments Disability Evaluations Security Clearance