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Generating High-Quality IME Referrals Since 1999

"The SEAK Directory resulted in a marked increase in my IME work.”

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SEAK’s Directory of Independent Medical Examiners is the professional, cost-effective, and risk free way to promote your availability for additional IMEs 24 x 7.  Our team of attorneys and business professionals are working for you promoting the Directory to referral sources.

SEAK's IME Directory is an excellent way to diversify your practice while expanding your IME business. We invite you to join the hundreds of your colleagues who are already listed in the Directory.

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Why Join the National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners?

Listing with SEAK includes:

1. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the number and quality of IME referrals you receive that we offer an unprecedented 100% Money-Back Guarantee for new members.
Members who are placing their first listing, have until January 1, 2019 to cancel their listing and request a full refund of their standard listing fee.

2. A full page listing on our IME directory website
Our website contains detailed listings where you can also post your picture, CV and numerous articles. The website receives millions of hits per year, is fully optimized for the Search Engines,
and contains your full contact information with direct links to your website and email.  Your profile will be posted on our website immediately after registering. 

3. A detailed listing in our IME print directory
The Directory has a distribution of 30,000 copies to IME referral sources including:
Insurance Companies, IME Companies, Claims Managers, Adjusters, Case Managers, Self-Insureds, Large Employers, Third Party Administrators, Attorneys, and Legal Nurse Consultants.

4. A full page listing on LexisNexis
Your listing will also be made available to attorneys and insurance professionals using LexisNexis, which receives over 3-million searches per month.

5. Our Online Keyword Sponsorships
These generate significant IME searches through leading search engines such as Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long have you been publishing the National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners?
A. We have been publishing the Directory since 1999, and it’s used by thousands of IME referral sources nationwide.

Q. Who uses your IME Directory?
A.  SEAK’s IME Directory was founded in 1999 and is used by thousands of Insurance Companies, IME Companies, Claims Managers, Adjusters, Case Managers, Self-Insureds, Large Employers, Third Party Administrators, Attorneys and Legal Nurse Consultants nationwide to locate physicians for IMEs.

Q. How Much Money Can I Earn Doing IMEs?
A. Physicians performing high quality IMEs can earn $100,000 or more per year. Fees range from $1,000-$1,500 for simple IMEs, to $10,000 or more for highly complex IMEs. Physicians performing IMEs earn additional income when they are called upon to testify at deposition or hearing concerning their IME.

Q.  Why should I join your IME Directory?
A.  Performing IMEs is a proven way to both supplement your income and diversify your practice.  Successful independent medical examiners are able to generate $100,000+ per year by devoting just one day a week to IMEs.  If you are looking to expand/increase your IME business, joining the IME Directory is the quick and easy way to get your information in-front of the thousands of IME referral sources who are using our Directory. Your listing includes both an online listing and a listing in our print Directory, and is also backed by our money back guarantee for new members.

Q. Do IMEs lead to other opportunities as well?
A. Absolutely.  IME physicians are often asked to perform straight record reviews.  In addition, IMEs frequently result in opportunities for physicians to testify as an expert witness.  Expert witnessing is highly lucrative for physicians and fees are generally $500+ per hour.

Q.  Can I perform IMEs after I am retired from clinical practice?
A.  In many instances, yes. 

Q. How many IMEs can I expect to receive from your Directory?
A. That will depend on many factors, including; your specialty, your location, your availability, how easy you are to work with and the quality of your work product. The only way to know how successful it will be for you is to join and try it out.

Q. How much does a listing in the SEAK IME Directory cost?
A. The Standard Listing is $495, which includes a detailed listing on our website and in the printed Directory.

Q. When will my profile get added to your Directory?
A. Your detailed profile will be posted to our online directory as soon as you join.

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