Surbhi  Jain, MD, FICS, MBA Independent Medical Examiner

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  • Phone: (813) 444-8220

Other Locations: Tampa

Specialty 1: Neurosurgery

Specialty Focus: traumatic brain injury, mTBI, tumors, craniotomy, biomechanics, slip, trip, fall, brain trauma, concussion, cranial brain surgery, closed cranial head trauma, motor vehicle accident, personal injury, diffuse axonal, subdural hematoma, stroke, pituitary, seizures, arnold-chiari, migraine, brain fog

Medical School:

License(s): Florida

Years in Practice: 15+

  • Deposed/Testified 8 times

Additional Information

A highly qualified and experienced neurosurgeon with specialized training in Cranial Neurosurgery, Dr. Jain has had the privilege of serving as an assistant professor in neurosurgery at an NCI-designated cancer center, as well as a director of brain mapping and image-guided neurosurgery. Over the years, Dr. Jain has held numerous patents in surgical instruments, brain therapy in head trauma, and DTI brain mapping, and has been an active member of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, as well as several other international societies. Dr. Jain remains at the forefront of advancements in her field: in addition to her unparalleled portfolio of over 100 presentations, publications, media interviews, and book chapters, including medical illustrations, Dr. Jain is a reviewer for several leading neurosurgical journals, including the Journal of Spine Surgery, World Journal of Surgery, and Neurosurgery. Dr. Jain’s exceptional analytic skills and ability to communicate complex concepts to clients and stakeholders comes from her vast experience in research and medical student education. She harnesses her extensive experience in the field when preparing her comprehensive reviews of all patient records, resulting in rock-solid reports and testimony supplemented with effective visual aids. Dr. Jain has extensive peer review experience evaluating compliance with the standard of care and has served as a highly experienced expert witness and independent medical examiner.