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  • Company: Custom Recovery, PLLC
  • Phone: 303-339-0708
  • Cell: 917-328-0799
  • Fax: 303-593-0398
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Other Locations: Greenwood Village, CO

Specialty 1: Psychiatry

Specialty 2: Addictions

Keywords/Search Terms: I am board certified in both psychiatry and addiction medicine. I have done IME for many years and am told I appear well in court. I have testified many times and also when I did hospital work to obtain treatment over objection. I treat all pychiatric diagnoses including Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depressive Disorders, Aspergers, Autism, TBI, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, PTSD, etc and have 30+ years of clinical experience treating addictions, psych illness and patients who have both.

Medical School: Miller School of Medicine (formally called University of Miami School of Medicine FL)

License(s): CO, IL, NY, CA

Years in Practice: 30

  • 25 years performing IMEs
  • 25 IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 6 times

Additional Information

I have worked with attorneys for many years doing IME's for patients with mental retardation/delevelmental delays/autism/Aspergers, patients with TBI's and/or ANY psychiatric diagnosis as well as addiciton to any substance(s) for over 30 years. I have only done clinical work and have worked on a state Forensic unit, s state hospital, jails, prisons, nursing homes, community mental health centers, senior programs, a psych ED for many years, and 9 years of inpatient psychiatric hospital work, as well as rehabs and both inpatient and outpatient facilities for substance use disorders. I also specialize in clients who suffer from both substance use disorders as well as a mental health diagnosis and this is one of my specialties.