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Other Locations: Licensed Physician and Surgeon in NV, SC, MO

Specialty 1: Pain Management - Medicine

Specialty 2: Family Medicine

Specialty Focus: procedural pain management addiction medicine (DEA-X) regenerative medicine family medicine public health, underserved (institutional, corrections, rural, IHS, tropical) medico-legal, hx medical director/lead MD of government entities vaccine development (NIH fellow) covid 19, out/inpatient sites

Medical School: Holt Academic Scholarship Award, Univ of TN, Memphis

License(s): NV, SC, MO

Years in Practice: 25

  • 5 years performing IMEs

Additional Information

I pride myself in being available, affable and able, to promptly serve the needs of my clients. I possess not only an M. D., as a licensed physician and surgeon in three jurisdictions, and in active clinical practice, but I have also earned both my Juris Doctor (J. D.) and Master of Public Health (M. P. H.) degrees. While my intellectual accomplishments may set me apart, I pride myself in my 'soft skills' of empathetic listening, ingenious problem solving, and conscientious service. I seek at all times to be thought of as the 'go to' physician for health care organizations that utilize my services.