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Other Locations: Fresno, Modesto, Reno, Nevada, Honolulu, Hawaii

Specialty 1: Psychology

Specialty 2: Neuropsychology

Specialty Focus: Cognitive Disorders, Depression, PTSD, Assessment of Symptom Magnification/Malingering, Traumatic Brain Injury, Fitness for Duty. Board Certified in Clinical Psychology with the American Board of Professional Psychology.

Medical School: Wright Institute Graduate School of Psychology

License(s): CA, HI, NV

Years in Practice: 25

  • 10 years performing IMEs
  • 125 IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 30 times

IME Certification: CSIMS, DWC, AMA

IME Training: SEAK, ACOEM, and APA, AACP, NAN CSIMS, Northern California Neuropsychology Forum, Pearson Assessments, National Academy of Neuropsychology

Additional Information

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Michigan State University Visiting Scholar/NIMH Fellow, University of California, Berkeley