Dieter W Affeln Independent Medical Examiner

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  • Phone: 617/331-0999
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Other Locations: Eastern and Central Mass, southern ME & NH, R.I.

Specialty 1: Occupational Medicine

Specialty 2: Preventive Medicine

Specialty Focus: Services: IME, return to work, work capacity, MMI (max. med. improvement) and fitness for duty exams; disability, public employee, veteran evaluations, vocational assessments; workers comp, work health and wellness consulting; _exposures to environmental agents, i.e. virus, bacteria, fungi, mold, noise, (office) ergonomics, blood born pathogens, indoor air, chemicals, unknown substances etc ___Settings: arbitration, litigation, deposition, expert opinion

License(s): MA

Years in Practice: 20+

  • 15 yr years performing IMEs
  • >100 IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified <10 times

IME Certification: MRO, CDME

Additional Information

Boston, MA full time clinician with 20 yrs occupational medicine experience __Medial Director of occupational health depts. in manufacturing, chemical/biochemical R&D and production, public safety, research, hospitals __International clinical experience in different health care settings and systems Medical officer for International School and General Consulate Language skills: German, Portuguese; basic Spanish communication skills