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  • Company: Sleep Services of Maryland LLC
  • Phone: (240) 912-4683
  • Cell: (301) 466-7379
  • Fax: (240) 912-4695
  • Website:
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Other Locations: Germantown, Maryland

Specialty 1: Psychiatry

Specialty 2: Sleep Medicine

Specialty Focus: Psychiatry Sleep Medicine Headache PTSD Anxiety disorder Depression

License(s): MD, VA

Years in Practice: 20 years

IME Training: SEAK and Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry ABIM, Diplomate in Sleep Medicine

Additional Information

Accredited Sleep Center run by board certified sleep specialists with background in Psychiatry and Neurology. Providing leading edge testing, innovative and comprehensive treatment options for patients with sleep disorders. Our facilities and staff make comfort, quality, and convenience our first order of priority. Extensive VA hospital experience providing compassionate and comprehensive services to our veterans. Expertise in treating sleep disorders in patients with PTSD.