Laura S. Boylan, MD, FAAN Independent Medical Examiner
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  • Phone: 212-866-2534
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Specialty 1: Neurology

Specialty Focus: Specialty Focus: Brain Injury, TBI, Quality of Life, Causation, Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Movement Disorders, Epilepsy, Neuropharmacology, Dystonia, Huntington's Disease, Multiple System Atrophy, Tourette's,. Neurologic Emergencies, Psychiatry/Neurology Border Zone, Neurologic Disability, Neurohospitalist

Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

License(s): NY, MN

Years in Practice: 23

  • 10 years performing IMEs

IME Training: Expert Witness Training, SEAK

Additional Information

Board Certified, Columbia University educated and trained. Active clinician. 15+ plus years of teaching experience including Columbia and NYU. Extensive writing experience. 15+ years of peer review experience. Experienced expert witness case reviewer in product liability, personal injury, criminal and medical malpractice cases.