Joseph T Hayes, MD Independent Medical Examiner

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  • Company: Hayes CTR Occupational Medicine , Hayes Pain and Addiction CTR
  • Phone: 610 633 6814
  • Fax: 610 482 4369
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Specialty 1: Occupational Medicine

Specialty 2: Pain Management - Medicine

Specialty Focus: Board Certified in Occupational and Addiction Medicine. Advanced Certification in pain and Board certified in Medical Accupuncture. 38 years experience . Hundreds of high quality IME’s. I have been assigned cases involving Occupational medicine, addiction medicine and complicated chronic Pain management. I am also qualified in opining on acupuncture. I am also qualified to make impairment ratings and disability determinations

Medical School: Ross Univewrsity and UMDNJ

License(s): Pennsylvania

Years in Practice: 38

  • 35 years performing IMEs
  • 500+ IMEs performed
  • Deposed/Testified 60 times

IME Certification: CIME and IAIME/AADEP


Additional Information

I am very responsive to turn around times. I turn around reorts within 5 business days of the examination. Reports are spell checked and proofed for grammatical errors. Reduces work load for QA.